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Cheap Portable Mp3 Speakers

At Top 10 Mp3 Players we are always on the lookout for a bargain. As we were doing our research for portable mp3 speakers we stumbled upon the PRO-POWER – Portable speakers. These speakers actually fold up for easy travel and can connect to any mp3 player with the 3.5mm cable. It also has a little dock that your mp3 player can sit in, even though the connection is through the cable. These little speakers work and the sound quality is about like a portable radio. The thing that makes these speakers worth mentioning is the price. I found one for $4 with free shipping and another for $1.74 with $1.99 shipping. There isn’t much more to say except for these are portable mp3 speakers that you can get for around $4.


iHome iHM9 Portable Stereo System for iPod, iPhone, and MP3 Players

If you want a little more quality you can opt for the iHome portable mp3 speaker. This little speaker will connect to any mp3 or portable media player with the audio cable. It also has a little tray that you can set your mp3 player in. This is an ultra portable little unit with amazing sound. It features an EXB circuit for expanded bass, making the sound much richer than you would expect on such a small unit. This player is battery operated and comes with a carrying case and manual. You also have the choice of black, blue, pink, purple, or red colors.

FiiO S9 Portable Speaker System for MP3 Players

Another improvement in sound quality is with the FiiO S9 Portable Speaker System for MP3 Players which has exceptionally high quality sound output. This player has a digital Class-D amplifier and extended range drivers for an uncompromisable listening experience.  It is powered by 4 AA batteries or through the USB port on your computer. You can connect any mp3 player or portable audio device to this speaker with the universal 3.5mm jack. Bottom line this is a decent little speaker.

Jensen SMPS-225 Portable Stereo Speaker System

Another decent little speaker system is the Jensen SMPS-225 Portable Stereo Speaker System. This player has good sound quality and looks nice too. It is battery powered or you can purchase an optional AC adapter.  You can connect any portable media player to these with the audio jack. These speakers are also affordable at around $25, but the best part is the sound quality.

Satechi SD Mini Portable Pocket Speaker Mp3 Player SD Card Reader

The Satechi SD Mini Portable Pocket Speaker Mp3 Player SD Card Reader is in a league of it’s own. It’s a little pocket sized speaker that you can connect to any mp3 or portable audio device. This speaker has a signature Bass Xpansion System and the speakers amplify the sound for excellent sound quality. You can also daisy chain these together for a true audio treat, but the interesting thing about this speaker is it also is a mobile music player that can play music from SD cards. This portable speaker serves a dual function as an mp3 speaker or mobile music player.

Grandmax Tweakers Mini-Boom Speakers

The Grandmax Tweakers Mini-Boom Speakers are little pocket sized speakers with a big sound. They feature a pop-up chamber for bass enrichment. They also come in cool colors like red, black, silver, metallic, and blue. They feature a built in rechargeable battery and retractable audio and charging cables. These speakers will work with any portable audio device using a 3.5mm jack. Most reviewers have been impressed with the looks and the sound quality of these little speakers.

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